10 Times to Hire a Contractor

Wondering if it’s time to hire a general contractor? Contractors are experts at managing all aspects of a project, including applying for building permits, hiring subcontractors, overseeing work and cleanup, and more. If you’re thinking of undertaking a major home improvement project, remodel or new build, a general contractor will likely be a key member of your team. Here are 10 times it makes sense to work with a general contractor to help your project run smoothly from our friends at Houzz:

1. You’re Ready to Implement an Architect’s Plans

2. You Want to Exercise Your Design Chops

3. You’re Making Changes to Your Kitchen

4. You Want a Simple Addition

5. You Need to Restore After a Fire, Flood or Storm

6. You Want to Make Structural Changes to Your Home

7. There’s a Safety Issue That Needs Addressing

8. You’re Done With DIY

9. You Need Permits

10. You Bought a Fixer-Upper

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